European passport allows You to live and work in any country of the European Union (EU), for example, the UK, Germany, France or Italy.

The Cyprus citizenship for foreign investors

On 28 March 2014, the Cyprus Government announced changes to the legislation that will allow foreign investors to become a Cypriot (EU) through the naturalization program, which now, after amendment, became easier and more attractive from a financial point of view.

Financial criteria

The main advantage of the citizenship of Cyprus (EU) are safe real estate investments, not donations, as in many other countries.

The government has approved the following financial schemes:

✔ Investment of €2 million in a single unit property or €3 million in real estate

✔ Combined investment of €5.5 million in real estate and Deposit in the Bank

The property, purchased in the last 3 years is included in the investment amount. If the cost of the acquired property is less than the required size of the investment, the investor can purchase a property for the remaining amount.


✔ Property worth at least €500.000, which is considered as a permanent place of residence of the investor in Cyprus, shall remain the property of the investor at the time of possession of photo ID.

✔ The rest of the property can be sold after 3 years.

✔ Any property purchased in Cyprus for 3 years before you can apply (in any company) may be included in the total investment.

✔ The investor must not have a criminal record in your country of residence and in Cyprus.

✔ Applicants become participants in a collective statement. For citizenship of Cyprus under the terms of the scheme 1 need 7 applicants for schemes 2, 5 applicants.

Important information

✔ Passports are issued within 3-months.

✔ Passports are issued to investors, their spouses and children up to age 28, provided that they are students of day form of education.

✔ Cyprus Realty Center guarantees obtaining a European passport.

Cyprus allows dual citizenship.

Dual citizenship, especially EU citizenship, has several advantages:

✔ Cypriot citizens have the right to live and work in Europe.

✔ Passport of Cyprus allows to travel visa free to more than 140 countries around the world.

✔ Cypriot passport holders can quickly and inexpensively obtain visas for other countries, such as USA.

✔ Dual citizenship is an effective instrument of tax planning.

✔ Dual citizenship provides guarantees against political instability.

✔ Dual citizenship provides access to the best educational institutions and health care institutions.

Why Cyprus?

✔ The main industry of the island is tourism, with a lot of tourists from different countries visit Cyprus every year.

✔ The newly discovered fields of natural gas and oil will bring huge investment to Cyprus, the first field has an estimated hundred billion euros.

✔ Major international investment in Cyprus will significantly stimulate the real estate market.

✔ Cyprus offers to obtain a European passport through the easy procedure of receipt and in the shortest possible time.

✔ Cyprus is a former British colony and still has a strong British influence.

✔ English language has a wide distribution and is required learning in all schools.

✔ Cyprus is based on The British system of law, and uses it everywhere.

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